Wednesday, 14 September 2016

Samsung to restrict Note 7's battery capacity at 60 percent

Samsung has declared it is developing a software update for its remembered Galaxy Note 7 smartphone which will restrict the device's battery capacity at 60 percent. The firm anticipates it will discontinue the recent deluge of battery explosions due to overheating.

In the 12 days since Samsung recalled 2.5 million of its Note 7 mobile phones over batteries overheating and bursting, US cellphone providers have suspended their sales of the cellphone and the Federal Aviation Administration began "strongly advising" folks not to take the Note 7 cellphone on planes. So far there have been more than 70 cases of the mobile overheating problems in the US.

The beginning of Samsung's chief Galaxy Note 7 hasn't gone especially readily. After being named cellular telephone of the year by many, the firm has had to recall 2.5 million handsets due to battery explosions. Owners can return their apparatus to get a free replacement but not everyone has participated in the program. To help protect these users, Samsung is developing a software update designed to prevent the affected device from overheating during charging.

Samsung advertised the coming upgrade in a newspaper advertisement in South Korea now. Based on the Associated Press, the ad described the programs fix as "a measure to put consumer safety first." After installed, the Note 7 will be prevented from charging to capacities above 60 percent. While it's going to significantly reduce the smartphone's endurance, it may also lower the risk of the apparatus overheating during charging.

Samsung is advertising a release date of September 20 for its South Korean users. It'sn't at present clear if the upgrade will be rolling out worldwide or whether it will be needed. Note 7 owners may simply drop the patch to continue to fully charge their cellular telephones. Samsung is reported to be in communication with mobile carriers to give the upgrade a more extensive rollout. It must ensure no Note 7 is ever fully billed.

The upgrade is being viewed as a last ditch effort by Samsung to convince Note 7 owners to comprehend the severity of the problem. The recall strategy is now well underway but many owners remain reluctant to return their cellular telephone. Over the weekend, Samsung released an updated statement in which it motivated all Note 7 users to "quickly" participate in the recall. Chances are that some apparatus will not ever be handed back in, yet.

Samsung is rumored to be developing another software fix to handle these mobile problem. It is considered to be creating a patch that can make affected Note 7 handsets disabled, leaving them unusable.

Samsung's increased pressure on owners comes amid official protection warnings from airlines and consumer health groups, directing users to turn their cell phones away as soon as possible. Yesterday, a six-year old boy was injured when a Note 7 explosion in his hands, the latest in a long line of promised overheating instances.

The scale of the recall is stressing Samsung's support network, leaving service centers and retailers fighting to care for the waves of the apparatus being handed in. To apologize to its staff, Samsung is said to have delivered free pizza to carrier shops and handset retailers in South Korea now. It'sn't yet compensated its customers or people injured by their cellular telephone, however.

It is unknown whether restricting the Note's battery capability to 60 percent is enough to ensure it stays exploding. With the issue more centered on heat than charge duration, it's possible a device could still catch fire if being fast charged, wirelessly charged or used significantly. The move is more another effort by Samsung to convince owners to register for a replacement cellular telephone, helping it to get the dangerous apparatus out of use.

Samsung is seemingly going to start sending new cellular telephones in South Korea on September 19th and began an exchange system in the US earlier this month. Replacement mobiles in the US will be indicated with a blue S on the carton.

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