Sunday, 31 August 2014

Nintendo New 3DS is finally here!

The New Nintendo 3DS with its new features: an analog nub (the new C-Stick), additional ZL and ZR shoulder buttons, enhanced 3D (no need to use a protractor to effectively line your head up using the screen), integrated NFC support for Amiibo, along with a faster CPU. It comes in standard and XL sizes. The New 3DS is now Amiibo ready, it is the main interest for all hardcore audience. And that s intriguing what Shigeru Miyamoto had to say lately, when he recommended Nintendo may focus more on core games, as opposed to these for gamers with only a passive interest in games. In the days of DS and Wii, Nintendo tried its ideal to expand the gaming population, he said in an interview with Edge. Fortunately, due to the fact in the spread of modern devices, people take games for granted now. It is a good factor for us, because we do not have to worry about generating games some thing that are relevant to common people s day-to-day lives. This New 3DS shows Nintendo is certainly more signi

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